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RocStation Automation PCR
Background overview
RocStation is an automated liquid handling system designed specifically for the construction of PCR reaction systems. The built-in control system can control automatic loading/depipetting, suction/discharge, PCR hole plate sealing, and preset pipetting modes such as basic pipetting, continuous pipetting, and gradient dilution. Pipetting is accurate and fast, reduces errors brought by manual intervention, ensures repeatability and stability of results, and is widely used in PCR system construction, cell culture, compound screening and other sample preparation projects.
In addition to the automatic liquid separation function, RocStation 96S is also equipped with the automatic membrane sealing function to further simplify the operation process before PCR. It is the first automatic liquid separation/membrane sealing all-in-one machine on the market. Only one instrument can help the user to complete the preparation of reaction system and consumables before PCR computer, which makes PCR computer experiment easier.
Technical Highlights
Technological innovation


Easy to control