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Archimed X

Background overview
Archimed X series is the quintessence of Kunpeng Gene's quantitative PCR technology development. Archimed X series is a time-resolved real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR system built by an international senior technical team. The Fresnel lens based new optical path system, time resolution signal acquisition technology and unique temperature control technology, Archimed has higher detection sensitivity, better temperature control accuracy and uniformity, more convenient operation process, and more comprehensive analysis function. At the same time, based on the global vision of product design concept and manufacturing process, give Archimed international level of excellent quality.
Technical Highlights
High Sensitivity
Quick Check
Calibration-Free And Maintenance-Free
Product parameter
Product model
Archimed X4 Archimed X6
Optical detection
Excitation light source 4 monochrome high efficiency LED(maintenance-free,>100000h) 6 monochrome high efficiency LED(maintenance-free,>100000h)
Fluorescence channel number 4-channel 6-channel
Supporting dye F1: FAM/SYBR Green etc.
F2: Cy5 etc.   F3: VIC/HEX/JOE /TETetc.
F4: FAM/SYBR Green etc.  F5: ROX/Texas Red etc.
F1: FAM/SYBR Green etc.  F2: Cy5 etc.
F3: VIC/HEX/JOE /TETetc.  F4: FAM/SYBR Green etc.
F5: ROX/Texas Red etc.    F6: NED/TAMRA/ Cy3
Detection device Highly sensitive silicon photomultiplier(MPPC) Detection mode Time resolved real-time scanning
Fluorescence reading position Top read Excitation/detection range 455-680nm/510-730nm
Sensitivity Single copy gene Resolution In the single reaction, 1.33 times copy number difference can be distinguished
Dynamic range Ten orders of magnitude(1-1010 copy)
Temperature control
Sample capacity 96 Thermal cycling technique Peltier(Six temperature control modules)
Reaction volume 10-50μl Maximum module rise and cooling rate 6℃/s
Temperature range 4-100 ℃ Temperature accuracy ≤±0.2℃
Hot cover technique Electronic automatic hot cover(Adjustable from room temperature to 115℃) Temperature uniformity ≤±0.2℃
Number of temperature gradient 12 columns Temperature gradient range of temperature difference 1-40 ℃
Analysis mode
Absolute quantitative、relative quantitative、qualitative analysis、end-point fluorescence analysis、melting curve、high resolution melting curve(HRM)、genotyping
Data export
It can be exported in CSV, Excel, txt and other formats. The user report contains experimental attributes, operation Settings, data results, original data and other information.
Graphic and tabular data results can be printed directly or saved in PDF format;
Experiment report format can be customized;
Prestore a variety of experimental report modules.
Product qualification
NMPA Class III Medical Device Registration Certificate、CE-IVD authentication、TUV certification