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Archimed M
Background overview
Archimed M automated PCR module is based on the principle of polymerase chain reaction temperature cycle control. Its excellent temperature control performance can meet the technical requirements of temperature in molecular biology experiments and ensure the reliability of experimental results.
As a multifunctional and multipurpose PCR instrument, its installation and connection are convenient. Not only can it be used as an amplification instrument alone, but also can be perfectly integrated with the external automatic robot arm. The horizontal automatic open electric hot cover supports the full range of operation of the robot arm, and the standard network interface is convenient for communication connection. Realize fully automated workflow.
Different specifications of the temperature control module with a variety of temperature control modes, can meet the experimental needs of different customers, widely used in large-scale medical laboratory, automatic sequencing library construction, synthetic biology and other molecular biology experimental applications.
Technical Highlights
Rapid Temperature Change

High Efficiency Heat Dissipation

Precise Temperature Control

Fully Automatic
Easy Integration