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ArchiPure 96
Background overview
ArchiPure 96 is a simple, high-throughput, stable and efficient automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument. It adopts magnetic bead separation technology and can be automatically separated from various sample materials such as blood, tissue and cells by selecting the corresponding kit. Purify high-purity nucleic acids. The structure of the whole instrument is exquisitely designed, and the transparent working chamber is convenient for observing the working conditions; the large-screen LCD panel is beautiful and easy to operate; the perfect protection function is safe to use and more reliable.
Technical Highlights
Fast And Stable
Easy To Operate
High Throughput
High Efficiency
Product name Automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument
Instrument ArchiPure 96
Sample throughput 1-96 samples
Processing time 15-60 min
Liquid Handling Volume 20~1000 μL
Elution volume 30~100 μL
Differences between wells CV< 3%
Heating temperature range Room temperature~100
Vibration Blend Mode Multi-speed adjustable vibration speed, solution volume adaptive vibration amplitude
Pollution control UVK lamp, built-in UV disinfection module
Control mode Operation via 10-inch touch screen, no external tablet required
Interface USB, T card
Dimensions (WxDxH) 472x455x470 mm(L xWxH )
Weight 45kg
Power supply AC 110~240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Companion program There are multiple built-in programs, which can create, delete, and edit mode programs without manual optimization and programming, and supporting programs can be upgraded for free
Supporting consumables 96-hole deep hole plate + 12 magnetic rod sleeves
Supporting reagents The original kit provides a 96-well plate pre-packed kit