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Archimed MINI
Background overview
Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR as an important technology in scientific research and molecular diagnosis has been widely used. Kunpeng Genes has launched Archimed Mini 16, an ultra-fast portable fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, to meet the needs of quick on-the-spot detection and small throughput scientific research and teaching. The system uses innovative liquid circulation refrigeration combined with Peltier temperature control technology, easy to operate software, lightweight and compact body, which can quickly and accurately complete quantitative PCR related applications regardless of site constraints.
Technical Highlights
Innovative liquid circulation refrigeration combined with Peltier temperature control technology
Rapid acquisition of test results is an important application requirement for on-site real-time testing. To meet such practical needs, Archimed Mini 16 adopts innovative liquid circulation refrigeration combined with unique Peltier temperature control technology to ensure uniform and accurate temperature control performance while realizing ultra-fast temperature change, with a maximum temperature change rate of 8℃/ second. After repeated testing, under the same experimental reagent and operating conditions, compared with the market general type (96-well) quantitative PCR, the experiment time can be reduced by half.
Super fast
Product parameter
Temperature control
Sample capacity 16 hole×0.2 mL,Compatible with single pipe and 8 joint pipe
Reaction volume 10-50 μL
Thermal cycle mode Peltier semiconductor combined with liquid circulation heat dissipation
Temperature control mode Modular temperature control
Maximum sample rise and cooling rate ≥5.4℃/s
Temperature accuracy ≤0.2℃
Temperature uniformity ±0.2℃
Optical detection
Excitation light source Maintenance-free monochrome LED
Detection system High sensitivity MPPC(Silicon photomultiplier tube)
Detection mode Time resolved real-time scanning
Applicable fluorescent dye F1:FAM/SYBR Green etc. F2:VIC/JOE/HEX/TETetc.
F3:ROX/Texas Red etc. F4:Cy5 etc.
Fluorescence band range Excitation range:455~650nm Detection range:510~715nm
Fluorescence reading position Bottom side reading
Hardware and other parameters
Noise ≤60 dB
Power supply AC220V,50Hz,Voltage fluctuation<10%
Operating temperature 10~30℃
Working humidity ≤70% 
Appearance size 276×258×110 mm(L×W×H)
Product weight 3.5 Kg
Software system Windows 10 and above system
Data communication interface USB port
Analysis mode Qualitative detection、quantitative detection、genotyping
Product qualification NMPA Class III medical device registration Certificate、CE-IVD certification、TUV certification
Ordering information
Product model Archimed Mini 16
Item number 101006001
System configuration 1 host, 1 set of software, 1 set of power adapter and data transmission line