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RocGene African swine fever
Background overview
African swine fever (ASF) is a highly infectious disease susceptible to pigs, with a high mortality rate after infection, which brings serious losses to farmers. There is no effective vaccine against African swine fever, so the prevention of swine fever is still mainly based on the monitoring of the environment, personnel and materials in the breeding farm. Because of its high sensitivity, nucleic acid detection can detect the epidemic in the early stage of transmission, take early measures to prevent the further spread of the epidemic and reduce losses, so it is widely used in the detection and prevention of African swine fever.
In addition to the wild strains, there are vaccine strains (CD2v and MGF gene deletion strains) of African swine fever virus circulating in China at present. The wild type and vaccine strains have different degrees of harm, and the corresponding disposal methods are different, so it is necessary to identify them.

Technical Highlights