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Archimed MInI Medical
Background overview
Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR as an important technology in scientific research and molecular diagnosis has been widely used. To meet the needs of fast and instant gene testing, Kunpeng Genes has launched Archimed Mini 16, an ultra-fast portable medical fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument. The system uses the innovative Peltier semiconductor combined with liquid circulation cooling technology to realize ultra-fast experimental operation. At the same time, it is equipped with easy-to-operate software and lightweight and compact body, which can quickly and accurately complete molecular diagnostic applications without site constraints.
Technical Highlights
Rapid acquisition of test results is an important application requirement for on-the-spot detection. To meet such practical requirements, Archimed Mini 16 adopts innovative Peltier semiconductor combined with liquid circulation cooling technology to achieve ultra-fast temperature change with a maximum sample temperature change rate of more than 5.4℃/ second while ensuring uniform and accurate temperature control performance. Under the same reagent and operating conditions, the experimental time was reduced by at least 30% compared with the conventional quantitative PCR instrument (96-well).
Super fast
High sensitivity
High compatibility
Temperature control
Sample capacity 16 holes × 0.2 mL, compatible with single and 8-way tubes
Reaction volume 10-50 μL
Thermal cycling method Peltier semiconductor combined with liquid circulation heat dissipation
Temperature control mode Module temperature control
Maximum sample temperature rise and fall rate ≥5.4℃/s
Temperature accuracy ≤0.2℃
Temperature uniformity ±0.2℃
Optical detection
Excitation light source Maintenance-free monochrome LED
Detection system Highly sensitive MPPC(Silicon photomultiplier tube)
Detection mode Time resolved real-time scanning
Applicable fluorescent dye F1:FAM/SYBR Green etc. F2:VIC/JOE/HEX/TET etc.
Optional 4 channels(FAM/VIC/ROX/CY5)
Detection time <30min(binding rapid kit)
sensitivity The single copy gene can distinguish 1.33 times the copy difference in the single reaction
Dynamic range Ten orders of magnitude
Hardware and other parameters
Noise <50 dB Appearance size 205x 190x 98 mm(LxWxH)
Power supply 220V or optional 12V,10A mobile power supply, suitable for field detection Software system Windows
Software function
Amplification curve、absolute quantitative analysis、qualitative analysis、melting curve