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Military Fluorescence Quantitative
Background overview
In order to meet the complex and ever-changing battlefield environment and achieve real-time detection needs, Kunpeng Gene has added a 7-inch TFT-LCD touch screen and military type battery to the original Archimed Mini 16. It has launched an ultra fast and portable military fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument Archimed Mini J that meets military standards. The system adopts Kunpeng Gene's innovative second-generation temperature control technology, coupled with easy-to-use software The lightweight and portable military green integrated body and strong environmental adaptability enable us to calmly handle various outdoor environments and quickly and accurately complete quantitative PCR related applications.

Ultra strong environmental adaptability | Ultra fast detection | Integrated and ultra portable
8 ℃/s
30 mins
7-inch touch screen
Military type batteries
Technical Highlights
Super Enviromental Resilience

Super Fast