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RocGene Pet pathogen
Background overview
With the improvement of people's living standards and companionship needs, pets such as cats and dogs are entering more and more families and becoming an important member. Pet health care is also paid more and more attention by pet owners, among which infectious diseases, such as respiratory tract infection and diarrhea, are the main problems.
Feline respiratory disease (URTD) and diarrhea can cause different degrees of illness in cats, especially in young cats is an important cause of death. There are many pathogens causing these two kinds of diseases, and their symptoms are relatively similar, so it is often difficult to accurately judge by observation. At the same time, different pathogens have different clinical treatment methods and drugs, so it is necessary to make differential diagnosis. In recent years, with the popularity of molecular diagnostic technology, its accuracy is widely recognized by the public, which also accelerates the application of molecular diagnostic technology in pet disease diagnosis.
Product parameter
  • Single weight and joint inspection complement each other, both economical and comprehensive
  • High sensitive detection by qPCR
  • Detection limit1000 copies/ml
  • Lyophilized reagent, stored at room temperature, convenient transportation and preservation
  • Contain internal standard, avoid false negative, more accurate test results
  • Suitable for the detection of cat feces, mouth and nose, conjunctiva and serum samples