Riding the wind and waves, daring to show your sword, overcoming obstacles and letting you soar | 2021 Rocgene annual meeting was successfully held
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Riding the wind and waves, daring to show your sword, overcoming obstacles and letting you soar | 2021 Rocgene annual meeting was successfully held

From January 14th to 15th, 2022, Rocgene's annual meeting with the theme of "Riding the Wind and Waves, Dare to Show Your Sword, and Overcome Toughness and Soar" was grandly held.

fight hard
Win the Year of the Tiger

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, a new round of epidemics occurs frequently. As a core supplier of quantitative PCR in China, Rocgene has been in intensive production, and relevant personnel are on standby 24 hours a day to increase production capacity as much as possible, and fully support front-line epidemic prevention personnel in their anti-epidemic work.


The beginning of the year is about to fight. In order to motivate everyone, after various efforts to communicate and coordinate, in the tense production plan, we finally squeezed out time. The Beijing headquarters is located by the Yanqi Lake in the suburbs of Beijing, and the Xuzhou production base is linked with the "cloud" to jointly participate in the grand event. Word development.
On the afternoon of the 14th, all Rocgene staff made an appointment to attend this annual meeting as scheduled.

Beijing Headquarters & Xuzhou Production Base

New year new weather

Mr. Guo Min, the head of R&D, summarized the achievements and progress of R&D in 2021, and released the R&D project plan for 2022, emphasizing that product R&D must stand at the front end of the market, actively innovate, proactively meet customer needs in advance, and form technical barriers , maximize the value of product development.

Wang Ziwang, the head of the product marketing department, reviewed the major events of the company in the previous year, and felt that during the rapid development of the company, especially due to the recent surge in orders, everyone worked together to overcome many unexpected difficulties. The phrase "pain and happiness" expresses everyone's feelings. Keeping its original intention and never changing, in 2022, Rocgene will surely become a competitor that will be awe-inspiring to its peers.

Dai Tao, the head of the Xuzhou production base, said that in the remote access to the production base, he said that in the face of the current production demand that has broken new highs, the production base is under great pressure, but it will definitely overcome the difficulties and ensure more quantity. Complete tasks with guaranteed quality.

Finally, the company's CEO Guo Qiuzhen, Mr. Guo, reviewed the company's development over the years and the overall plan for the future. This year is the fifth year of Rocgene's establishment. In the past five years, Rocgene has grown up like a newborn baby. From the slow crawling stage of internship to the now striding forward with a certificate, the future will definitely be able to use Rocgene's self-transcendence courage. Courage to become an industry leader with forward-looking vision. Mr. Guo also shared a lot of personal experiences of entrepreneurs who made extraordinary things out of ordinary people. He expects us to accelerate our efforts to surpass our competitors and achieve extraordinary achievements belonging to Rocgene.




Pei Yaokun Li Qianwen Pan Yanpeng
(Pan Yanpeng accepted the award online for supporting the isolation of the epidemic in Henan)

Future Star of the Year

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Zhu Xin Lu Qianru Zheng Dan Zhou Xinying Chen Chen Wei Chenglong

Star of the year

Chen Jinjin Chai Zhiyu

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