Three happy arrivals丨Rocgene's 6th anniversary
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Three happy arrivals丨Rocgene's 6th anniversary
6 years old
Three joys come to the door
April 8, 2022

April 8, 2022, is the 6th anniversary of Rocgene. Coinciding with the relocation of Rocgene's headquarters in Beijing and the expansion of production base in Xuzhou, three joys are coming! Rocgene specially held a warm and unique celebration. Due to the epidemic, the "Xuzhou Iron Army", who had been fighting for days and days, also used the rest time to witness this memorable day with all employees.

6th anniversary

Founded in 2016, Rocgene has gone through 6 years. For 6 years, Rocgene has been committed to the development of internationally leading scientific research and clinical diagnostic products with independent intellectual property rights.

The team members have grown from a start-up member of less than 10 members to a team of nearly 200 members, bringing together a group of high-quality talents who are good at precision testing instrument technology, bioanalysis software technology, reagents and consumables R&D technology.

With fluorescence quantitative PCR as the core, it has successively broken through the development and production of fluorescence quantitative PCR instruments, automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments and reagents, forming a one-stop automatic nucleic acid detection overall solution.

With the improvement of products, the application market has covered life science basic research, medical research, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry research and application, drug research and development and production, human disease prevention and control, animal disease prevention and control, biotechnology services, clinical molecular diagnosis and other fields. The products have been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign users.

With the improvement of the qualification system, Rocgene has obtained corresponding qualifications and honors in the company, research and development, products, production and sales. This is the recognition of the society and the industry, and it also provides a solid foundation for the company's efficient development.

General Manager Guo Qiuzhen
Mr. Guo reviewed the company's development history and said that all achievements came from Rocgene's excellent team, and everyone's efforts, regardless of return, made Rocgene what it is today. In the future, I hope to continue to work with you to build Rocgene into a large-scale company and become the most respected company in the industry by providing the best products and services in the industry.

Deputy General Manager Guo Min
Mr. Guo described Rocgene's current development as "the PCR curve has passed the ct value", which is in the exponential growth period, and briefly described the direction of product research and development in the next three to five years. I hope everyone can work with the company to have relatively rapid development. .

Deputy General Manager Wang Zi
Mr. Wang recalled that the company started from a small office and now has a production and operation environment of nearly 10,000 square meters. There are three major experiences:
First, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Years of accumulation, coupled with the best situation in the industry and enterprises, have created today's explosive development of Rocgene;
Second, no company can follow the rules and have reserves, and catch up with good opportunities so that they can be targeted;
Third, the "iron army" spirit of the Xuzhou production base, which is getting stronger and stronger, has made a good start, enabling the company's production capacity to quickly keep up with industry needs, and the technical team and operation support team quickly keep up. Everyone's concerted efforts will help the company's products quickly. Occupation of the market played an important role.

Deputy General Manager Dai Tao
Mr. Dai took a small poem from the classics and expressed his best wishes to the company.
Peng is Yujie, Kun is called Jiehao.
The wings cover for a long time, carrying a heavy sky on his back.
——Ming Chen Jiru, "The Story of the Small Window, Volume 8: A Collection of Strange Chapters"

Peng is the hero among flying birds, and Kun is the hero among swimming fish.
Peng flew up and covered half of the sky with his wings, with heavy clouds on his back.
Xiong Peng spread his wings to cover the sky, and You Kun looked back and swallowed the sea.

Reagent R&D Director Liu Liping
Mr. Liu briefly described the progress made by the current reagent R&D team, especially the formation and running-in of the new team. I believe that under the leadership of the "Iron Army" spirit, everyone will be able to grow with the company in all aspects and inject new strength into Rocgene.