Information dynamics
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Summary of 25 national medical device standard inquiry websites
1. Asia
1) China

2) India

3) Thailand

4) Malaysia

5) Japan

6) Turkey

2. Europe
1) Germany

2) Italy

3) France

4) Austria

5) Spain

6) Poland

7) Netherlands

8) Hungary

9) UK

10) Portugal

11) Czech Republic

12) Switzerland

13) Belgium

14) Luxembourg

15) Ireland

16) Slovakia

3. Americas
1) America

2) Canada

3) Brazil

In the past two years, whether domestic or overseas, the IVD industry has experienced the speed and quantity of regulations, standards, and guidelines promulgated, especially if you are doing registration or R&D. In addition to those listed above, there are also EU websites, CLSI EP, ISO, IEC standards and other query websites that you often visit, and you need to pay attention to their dynamics frequently.
The standard query and collection are only the most basic, the important thing is the content of the update, the trend of the change, and whether it has any impact. These are the key points. . .