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The Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the National Health Commission jointly released the advanced deeds of "the most beautiful doctor" in 2022
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 17th. In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on health work, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of party building and the great anti-epidemic spirit, and inspire the majority of medical and health workers to make unremitting efforts to protect the health of the people. As the fifth "Chinese Doctor's Day" is approaching, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee and the National Health Commission publicly released the advanced deeds of the "Most Beautiful Doctor" in 2022 to the whole society.

Ten individuals, including Ding Renyu, Ma Wenyi, Xu Runsan, Sun Ning, Zhang Jing, Zhou Xingtao, Hu Minhua, Gao Qi, Guan Xiangdong, Pan Feng, and the national epidemiological expert team against the new crown pneumonia epidemic were honorably selected. Some of them hang pots to help the world and dedicate their lives to the cause of traditional Chinese medicine; some have gone on several expeditions to fight the front line of the new crown pneumonia epidemic; some have devoted themselves to research and made important contributions to the elimination of malaria; Health; some moisten things silently, sticking to the heart lamp for patients for decades; some take root in the frontiers and protect the health of the people in the plateau villages; some inspire youth and show the responsibility of young doctors in the pursuit of dreams... They insist on the supremacy of the people , Life comes first, actively participate in the construction of a healthy China, and unswervingly safeguard the health of the people. It vividly shows the struggle and glorious achievements of the party's leadership in the cause of health and health, and profoundly interprets the loftiness of "respect for life, save the dying, be willing to give, and love without bounds". Spirit.

Many medical and health workers said that they should take the "most beautiful doctor" as an example, abide by the medical ethics and medical style, continuously improve their professional ability, take practical responsibility, strive to provide the people with more high-quality and efficient health services, and use practical actions to meet the party's second goal. Ten victories held.