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Wang Hualiang and Song Haibo visited our Xuzhou production base
On February 18, Professor Wang Hualiang, President of Shanghai Institute of Experimental Medicine, Chairman of the Experimental Medicine Branch of the National Health Industry Business Management Association, Editor-in-Chief of the VIEW journal under Wiley, Vice President of the National Health Industry Business Management Association, and President of the Medical Inspection Industry Branch , Professor Song Haibo, deputy director and secretary general of the Experimental Medicine Branch, and vice president of the Shanghai Institute of Experimental Medicine, visited Xuzhou Huaihai Biomedical Industrial Park for guidance. Gao Jianmin, director of Xuzhou Tongshan District and director of Xuzhou High-tech Zone Management Committee, met and conducted exchanges and negotiation.

As the key enterprises of Huaihai Biomedical Industrial Park, Professor Wang Hualiang and Professor Song Haibo visited our company's Xuzhou production base - Rocgene (Xuzhou) Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., and listened to General Manager Dai Tao's introduction to the company's development. Mr. Dai said that after successively obtaining CE-IVD, ISO13485, ISO9001 and NMPA medical device product registration certificates, Rocgene has a complete medical device production system and product certification. Entering the intense production phase.

Rocgene (Xuzhou) Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is a settled enterprise in Huaihai Biomedical Industrial Park. The production base covers an area of nearly 3,000 square meters. It has nearly 2,000 square meters of various workshops and supporting facilities that meet the national GMP standards, and is equipped with a fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument. , Fluorescence quantitative PCR diagnostic reagent production, automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument assembly three professional production lines. The products are widely used in various application scenarios of clinical molecular diagnosis. Rocgene's better cost performance, more reliable quality, and more professional services are well received by customers. Especially during the new crown epidemic, the company has worked hard to ensure production, which has been recognized by the park and related leaders.

As a core supplier of domestic fluorescent quantitative PCR, Rocgene will continue to increase investment in R&D and production, continuously optimize product quality, improve product lines, and actively respond to the innovation system construction of the "six platforms and one center" in the industrial park, and contribute to the "construction of Xuzhou High-tech Zone". "National First-class High-tech Zone" to promote the rapid development of China's in vitro diagnostic industry.