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The Mayor of Xuzhou and his party visited the Rocgene production base
Xuzhou mayor and his party
Visit the Rocgene production base

On the afternoon of April 14, Wang Jianfeng, deputy secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor, led a team to visit the Rocgene Xuzhou production base to conduct special investigations on epidemic prevention and control and work resumption. Vice Mayors Gong Weifang and Lin Bin attended the event.

The group first affirmed the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures in the production base, then visited the production base and went to the production workshop to inspect the production situation. Dai Tao, the head of the production base, accompanied Mr. Dai to explain.

Mayor Wang Jianfeng and his party focused on communicating current production capacity, orders, and output, and listened to reports on industrial layout and production planning. Knowing that the entire production base has been working overtime for several months to compete for production capacity in order to meet the front-line needs of the national epidemic prevention and control, Mayor Wang Jianfeng praised the "iron army" spirit.

Knowing that Xuzhou has recently been used as an epidemic control area, it can overcome all difficulties and strive for production capacity and deliver thousands of nucleic acid testing equipment to the front line of epidemic prevention in Jiangsu Province. Mayor Wang Jianfeng once again expressed his gratitude.

Mayor Wang Jianfeng fully affirmed the company's current development. After having a detailed understanding of employees' living conditions, raw material transportation, production and sales, etc., he re-emphasized that he must communicate and coordinate with relevant departments, optimize service guarantees, and strengthen epidemic prevention and control and safety production guidance. , to help solve the difficulties encountered in production.

Rocgene, as the core supplier of real-time quantitative PCR in China, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the Xuzhou production base has been shouldering arduous production tasks. Within three days, the mayor and deputy mayor of Xuzhou City respectively led a team to visit the Rocgene Xuzhou production base, fully expressing the government's attention and affirmation to us.

Rocgene will also continue to make efforts, adhere to the "iron army" belief as always, make every effort to ensure safety, production, innovation, and development, provide strong support for epidemic prevention and control, help the development of the in vitro diagnostic industry, and contribute to the high-quality development of Xuzhou !