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Where did your throat swab go?
The fate of a throat swab

As the "top stream" in recent years, the new crown pneumonia has been "running" one after another around the world, and it has achieved a level that no one knows about. Nucleic acid testing is well known as an effective screening method for new coronary pneumonia. Most people's perception of nucleic acid testing is probably "take an ID card, stab the throat or nose, and wait for the report". Today, I will show you what happened to your "throat swab" between "poke your throat" and "wait for the report".

The life of nucleic acid throat swab

About PCR Labs

Speaking of laboratories, it was still very far away for ordinary people before. Due to the surge in the business volume of nucleic acid testing for new coronary pneumonia, large-scale nucleic acid testing bases have been built in various places. In order to improve the testing efficiency, the laboratory has also moved out of the experimental building, and mobile laboratories can be built on the streets and squares at any time as needed.

Nucleic acid detection base
mobile cabin laboratory
Nucleic acid detection gas film laboratory
Can't tell the difference?

Nucleic acid detection base
Mainly refers to routine nucleic acid testing laboratories, which are mainly distributed in disease control-related departments, hospitals, third-party testing institutions, and scientific research laboratories. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, special nucleic acid testing bases have been added in various places. The construction period is long and requires a lot of manpower and material resources.

Zhejiang Quzhou Nucleic Acid Testing Base

Rocgene has participated in the preparation of more than 100 nucleic acid detection bases, and the fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument Xiaoami has spread all over the place!

Mobile cabin laboratory
Equivalent to a small nucleic acid testing laboratory with complete equipment, it can be maneuvered and operated flexibly, can break through geographical restrictions, respond to various harsh and extreme environments, and provide nucleic acid testing services in a timely manner, greatly improving nucleic acid testing capabilities and responding to sudden outbreaks. Level.


Air film shelter laboratory
It is assembled from closed tents, which can accommodate hundreds of testing equipment and inspect nearly one million people every day. The air-film square cabin laboratory is easy to install. After simply leveling the site, you can enter the installation, inflation, and debugging processes. If the debugging results are correct, you can put it into the "anti-epidemic" front. The installation can be completed on the same day, and nucleic acid testing is supported as soon as possible. work in progress.

Adicon's "Blue Whale" air-film cabin mobile laboratory

Up to now, the Rocgene fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument small ARMYs have been employed in many air-film shelter laboratories, including Hua air-film shelter laboratory, Adicon air-film shelter laboratory, and Dean air-film shelter laboratory. , Shuo Shi air film shelter laboratory, Shengxiang air film shelter laboratory, etc.

Nucleic acid detection process

Detection process
First, configure PCR amplification reagents, pure manual zero pollution operation
Second, the sample number is checked and accepted, and the code is scanned into the warehouse
Third, shake the sample, the cells on the swab are shed to the sample tube
Fourth, screw the cap, hold the sample gun to aspirate the sample to the extraction plate to avoid contamination
Fifth, the nucleic acid extractor performs nucleic acid extraction, and the extracted nucleic acid template is added to the amplification reaction tube
Sixth, put it into the fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument to amplify, it will take about 2 hours
Finally, data analysis and result judgment, result upload
Seemingly simple steps, the whole process takes at least 4 hours.
When the epidemic comes, the testing personnel need to complete the nucleic acid testing process as soon as possible. Facing the huge number of people waiting to be tested, they often have to work around the clock without sleep. As the backbone of the war epidemic, the inspectors silently built a strict "protective net" for epidemic prevention and control. Nucleic acid testing laboratories have been in "close contact" with the virus countless times, and are "battlefields" that ordinary people cannot see.